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New webmail system in beta

UPDATE: This beta test has now closed (21/09/07), check out demo.atmail.com for the tool we were evaluating.

We have recently begun our final testing of a new webmail system. The new ‘atmail’ system is planned to replace the aging horde system. The new interface should be more intuitive, cleaner and ultimately easier to use.

At this time we are welcoming anyone interested to login to a test server and take a test drive. If you do test the system please let us know how you find the new interface. Your comments and suggestions are highly valued.

Please note that this is a test server. As a result capacity may be limited at certain times. If you fail to gain access drop us an email (help@34sp.com) so we can help.

To access the new system first login at:


Next select ‘click here’ next to ‘external accounts’ and complete the relevant information. NOTE: To avoid email loss we strongly suggest you choose ‘IMAP” from the ‘More Options’.

The test server can be use to access any mail account, non 34SP.com mailboxes included. Feel free to test using any mailbox you like.