New webmail in final testing

Our new Atmail webmail system is now live, in final testing.  Should you wish to take advantage of this new webmail platform please see the instructions here.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be slowly migrating all mail services to Atmail.  The old horde/IMP setup will be available during the migration period.  We think you will find the new Atmail system a massive improvement.

If you do use the new setup, we would appreciate any feedback you may have. Staff

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  1. Having read the post, I tried to use the new @mail interface. It works brilliantly for a domain on my reseller account… but doesn’t work at all for an account recently migrated to my VPS. If I try logging into, it reports a permission denied:

    “The server responded – Remote POP3/IMAP access to the mailserver is not permitted since the mail-server is not in the allowed access list. Contact the Administrator to add the domain to the Webadmin > Config > User Restrictions panel”

    WIll this be the case for any domain migrated to the VPS?


  2. Is there any cut-off date for the move to @mail.

    I need to warn ITLITY people about this change and ask them to back up any configuration and data they may have “stored” in their HORDE accounts.

    On another hand, is there any intention to have the address book facility available directly -i.e. just uploading the data- on @mail?

    Sending you the data is not practical if not “risky” -though I have no intention to send it on a CD by normal mail, just kidding.


  3. i have been using the @mail system since i noticed a post in the forum about it before xmas,
    so far i think its a great addition.

    i have a few issues with opening email, seems to lag out a bit, giving me a blank white screen
    ( same thing happens at work and at home so not ISP related )

    but part from that its great,
    easy to use,
    easy to import contacts from horde
    and i am already adding it to my reseller packages for my clients to use

    a great update to the 34sp service, cheers guys

  4. Like the layout – much better.
    Is there any way to:
    Request a read receipt?
    Add images to sig?
    Request a cc to be added for all sent mails automatically (as in Horde)?

  5. Hi,

    How to you set up email filters for your ham_learn and junk_learn folders. The email filters on the new webmail do not allow wildcard entries so difficult to see how this can be done?



  6. Hi

    have looked and i used that before on Plusnet i like that but sadly plusnet dropped it!

    Was wonder if you have estimate date or approximate that new email will go ‘live’ to all hosting?
    the reason i am going to create 3 new email on one of my other hosting for staff as need to retrain them as theya re not into computing!


  7. Bruce – i have added to the main forum thread (link in head of this blog post) instructions for how to use a image in the signature when using atmail.

    David – The idea of ham/spam_learn is not meant to be auto it is meant for you the user to do it manually, if you are relying on auto filters to do this for you its not really getting the desired result as you could automatically copy incorrect mails into folders without realising. In time we will also be moving to ‘atmail’ as a server solution as well this has its own spamfiltering system built directly into the same webadmin interface and is much simpler to use than the current SpamGuardian implementation. Spam Accounts will be among the first to move over to it.

    We have some more things we want to get active on the atmail cluster before going ahead and moving people over to it.

  8. Ian – have followed instructions re image in sig from forum and, so far, no luck. Have made sure I have added my email and website to address book as per instructions.
    What happens is, as soon as I start a new message I get the words Blocked image where image should be and, rather bizarly, the tags in the sig prefs change to
    I have tried this several times now all to no avail – any ideas?

  9. Just tried again and realised that, every time I try to save after adding code to sig it reverts back to
    img src=”” alt=”Blocked image”
    with the html tags front and back

  10. Sorry Ian – Realised my mistake – I was using a gif image and this made all the difference apparently. Following Ian’s advice to the letter (MUST use png or jpg) sorts it.
    many thanks (also posted to forum)

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