New .uk Domain Names Coming!

Anyone who has an online presence in the United Kingdom knows that a domain name ending in .uk is the preferred domain extension for doing business in the UK. To date, the non-profit administrator of the .uk domain name space, Nominet, has distributed over 10.5 million domain names ending in .uk. There are an additional 2 million added each year as well.

As a Nominet certified registrar, has been at the forefront of registering UK domain names for the past 14 years. Now there is an exciting new domain extension that will be available to register with starting on June 10, 2014 – .uk.

This is simply a shorter, easier to type and remember version of the previous popular domain extension
So now any site which has previously used the can register the .uk and instantly have a shorter domain name – specific to the United Kingdom. Fortunately, if you have already registered the version of your domain name, the .uk is pre-reserved for you. That means you get the first chance to register the shorter .uk version of your domain name – without the worry that someone else will register it out from underneath you.

A .uk domain can be used with any of our current hosting accounts including: Professional Hosting, Business Web Hosting and VPS hosting.

To make it even easier and more convenient to register your new .uk domain, will be offering the new .uk domains at half price during the first 90 days of registration. That means that will be providing .uk domain names during this limited time offer period at our cost – just £2.50 per year.

There are some rules associated with registering the new .uk domains, and you can find further details on our new .uk domains page. The page has information on the special limited time offer, the rules on registration, and will begin accepting registrations when the new domain launches on June 10, 2014.

If you are interested in a shorter UK-specific domain name for your business or website and act quickly during the special introductory offer period you can register your .uk for just half of the regular price. So get ready by reading up on the new .uk domains and prepare to register your .uk beginning on June 10th! Staff

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