Today sees the launch of our new site. As well as a fresh new look we have re-organised the account management pages; we hope you will find this section of our site much more intuitive and easy to use. In addition to the new design we are also introducing a new service and extension to an old one.

With the new site you will notice we now offer .eu registrations from fifteen pounds per year. In the coming weeks we will also be offering a range of new ccTLD’s such as .fr .ie .it .de .es .gr. If there are any country level domains you would like to see us offer please let us know, we should be able to introduce these for you. As well as registration we will also be offering transfers inward of these domains types.

Our new offering is a VPS service. Virtual private servers give the reliability and flexibility of a dedicated server without the cost or complexity. Our accounts start from 29.95 per month and are hosted on powerful quad xeon machines. For more information please see our VPS page here

If you have any questions regarding the above please contact us via We would also love to hear your feedback on the new site.


There are 11 comments on “New site, new services

  1. Steve D May 3, 2007

    A lot harder to navigate than the old site, has teh support forum gone?
    No site search.

    Oh dear 🙁

  2. Stuart May 3, 2007

    The forum is still there at – we are actually finalising an update to the support pages as I write. They should be online shortly and the forum will be obviously linked to once more.

  3. Graeme May 4, 2007

    You would introduce the service just a few months after I started using a similar package from someone else!

    I would have preferred to keep the site with you, as all my other sites are on shared hosting at 34sp, and I have been quite happy with both hosting and customer service.

  4. Dylan May 8, 2007

    Looks fantastic.

    I find it much easier to use and navigate.

  5. Reg May 13, 2007

    What happened to 34sp status page. Anytime I was having a problem I could check there first to see if all was well with 34sp. Now it’s gone. Any chance of it returning?

  6. Stuart May 14, 2007 is still there, just not linked to right now

    the link to that and the forum page should be back soon

  7. New Orleans Ron May 15, 2007

    Seems a bit more difficult to get around. I became used to the smiling faces. Those desktop boxes don’t really cut it. Something a bit more human if you please.

  8. Achyuta May 16, 2007

    Just looks more ‘corporate’ to me. Another site with big headers you have to scroll down past before you get to the info you want.
    Are the boxes shown the same ones you use or is just more image bank grabs?

  9. Stuart May 16, 2007

    The more ‘corporate’ feel was one of our goals in the new site design actually. Compared to the old site the header is actually now smaller so content is more easily accessible further up the page.

  10. Alexei May 30, 2007

    Previous design was very distinctive. This one isn’t. Accounts management pages could do with bigger fonts and buttons to clarify available menu options.

  11. Darren Moloney June 7, 2007

    Hmmm not sure about the design guys, looks professional but perhaps TOO corporate and possibly from a template? I doubt that it is a “bought-in” template but it has that feel to it.

    Servers not something I’d recognise – they almost look my modern suitcases (sorry!)…. the people on the previous website seemed to personalise your company and make you stand out from the crowd…