New domain names

Today sees the launch of our new domain name system.

Due to popular demand we have massively expanded our range of domains. We now offer a comprehensive selection from all around the world: .fr, .de, .es, .it, .ie, .asia, .cn, .jp and many, many more. The new domains are categorised by region, check out the new domain checker here:

If you have any queries regarding the new domain names please feel free to call or contact us via email at


  1. No Malaysia (.my) domain names?

  2. Due to popular demand we have added, it would seem .my is not supplied by the malaysian nick.

  3. Price is huge for the .be domain name. Too bad.

  4. How can I purchase a domain name without using the Flash application?

  5. If your browser does not support flash or you disable flash, you will be presented with a standard HTML based frontend.

    With the sheer number of domains we now support we feel the flash interface gives the mostt efficient user experience.

  6. Thomas:

    .be prices have now been adjusted to a much more reasonable price.

  7. .im domains at over twice the price sells them for? Eek 😉