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Today sees the launch of our blog. The blog replaces the old news aspect of our site, adding RSS feed capability. Those amongst you who use RSS on a daily basis can keep more upto speed with new developments.

We aim to update the blog much more rapdily with a mix of official news and general ramblings from all of the team.

Stuart Melling

Hi! I am the the co-founder of and Business Development Director; I've been at this hosting lark for more than twenty two years, ulp.. I oversee multiple areas of our business to ensure products and services are meeting our customer's needs. You can get in touch over on LinkedIn or replying to any of most posts. In my spare time I am exceptionally interested in food and drink, I run several food website and am a multi-award winning, food and drink writer.

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  1. Up in sunny Glasgow we have OKO ( that, rumour has it, was originally partially owned by Simple Mind’s Jim Kerr.

    If you are ever in the area it’s worth a visit as it is designed so that you sit next to the sushi convervor belt that encloses the chef’s. You simply pick up the ones that look the most interesting as they go past and then they count the plates at the end… great concept!

    Also if you are ever there look right as you are leaving and wave and we at GOOD towers will be able to wave back.


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