Today we suffered a DDoS attack beginning at 10:30am over both our HE and Cogent transit providers. The attack was focused against a specific domain on our network. The inbound attack significantly overloaded two of our core routers and began to cause connectivity issues for hosted services. Our internal VOIP system also runs from these two routers meaning our phone support systems went offline at this time.

We immediately took steps to mitigate the attack traffic and the issue was resolved by 11:30am; at this time all services would have been restored, including phone support.

Some users did report and issue with our status page during the event. To confirm, we do host the page external to our own network. During this event we identified a bug in the setup that caused a small part of the status system to attempt to connect to our internal network; this bug has now been corrected. During the event, we continued to communicate with clients over Twitter, Facebook and Slack.