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MSNBC Covers 34SP.com

News organization MSNBC has published a news article detailing recent service improvements at 34SP.com.

The news coverage has been quite extensive throughout the online community regarding 34SP.com’s recent announcement of additional investments in its customer service infrastructure. The customer service investments include hiring additional staff, improved office hardware, and expansion of the customer service footprint within the 34SP.com global headquarters. Specifically, 34SP.com has increased customer service staff levels by 20 percent, and also added an improved chat functionality to its customer service offerings. The combination of increased manpower and an additional communication channel for service inquiries is expected to reduce wait times while adding convenience in the support process. The investments in additional staff also created the opportunity for 34SP.com to expand the footprint of the customer service department while upgrading the hardware used to support clients.

As current customers know, 34SP.com prides itself on the quality of its customer service and technical support. The evidence of excellence is found in the feedback from current clients – both in customer feedback after service calls and from frequent client surveys conducted by 34SP.com. Here are some comments received from clients in the past 24 hours.

”Extremely impressed by the support received. The technician (Ian) was very knowledgeable and responses were prompt and always helpful. Honestly, some of the best support I’ve seen from a hosting company, demonstrated by the fact I actually took the time to fill out your form.” – Ian

”Hi – I have used your support staff a few times in the last couple of weeks and I keep meaning to give feedback each time, but I’ve only got round to it now. Every time your guys have been really helpful and every time they’ve sorted out what I need them to. Thanks very much for all your help. Your prices have always been very competitive and it’s good to know that you don’t compromise on support just to keep the prices down. Thanks again.” – Rob

”So damn fast, you guys are on fire.” – Alaric