Monday food extravanganza

To kick the week off (and to make sure everyone turns up!) Monday is a special day at – it’s free lunch day for the staff! Manchester is quite the foodies playground, we have a really diverse choice to pick from; everything from Japanese through Italian to Mongolian.

Today we visited Tampopo on Albert Square. Specialising in East Asian food (Thailand, Vietnam etc.) you are seated canteen style on benches and served pretty sharpish. If you’re on a budget they have a very good Gyoza (dumplings) and Ramen (noodle and chick broth) combo at around £6.

If you’re close to Albert Square and in a hurry we all recommend it.


There are 6 comments on “Monday food extravanganza

  1. Keith
    Keith June 27, 2005

    I can indeed agree the Chicken Ramen with dumplings is an excellent meal choice. I have a real appetite and struggle to eat it all.


  2. Avatar
    Mike June 28, 2005

    Yes, the food really is nice there, both the Ramen, and Thai curry are both very good, and VERY tasty.
    I can only second Stu’s suggestion that if you are in Manchester, near Albert Square, go give this place a try.


  3. Avatar
    Phil June 28, 2005

    Let me know when free lunch day for the customers is on and I’ll make sure to keep my calendar free for that day. 🙂

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    Jonathan July 29, 2005

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    degsy July 29, 2005

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    Pete September 7, 2005

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