Mod Security

After extensive testing, mod security is now enabled on all shared hosting servers. Mod security works with the Apache web server to help against common web borne attacks.

We believe the implementation should help to improve the performance and stability of the shared hosting platform. More details on this can be found at:


  1. So is this something that will stop referrer spam?? If so, how do I add entries to the blacklist (if there is one)

  2. You don’t need to add anything – the rules are maintained by us, globally for all servers.

  3. If you take a look at the mod_security website there is some nice documentation there.

    You can simply add rules via .htaccess file

    If for example you didnt want anyone to be able to post “34SPrules” or “34SPyay” on your site you would add a simple rule

    SecFilterSelective HTTP_Referer|ARGS “(34SPrules|34SPyay)”

    This would then block any POST/GET event containing either fo those terms, or if it originated from a HTTP_REFERER containing those terms.

    There is a lot more functionailty but that is the easiest form to use to block things easily.

  4. Tried that one and it works very effectively. Many thanks.

  5. Do you think that China has a Manchestertown? Just a thought.