Mercury email platform, Summer update

As I wrote about earlier this year, our plan to migrate Mercury email storage away from the Nexenta ZFS system has now been successfully completed. This means that the storage system for every Mercury hosted mailbox is now running from our own in-house designed setup.

The new storage backend is based on ultra fast SSD disks deployed in simple RAID6 arrays for redundancy. The new system also provides a dramatic performance increase; compared to Mercury’s original HDD based storage setup, IOPS (read/write operations) have soared to over 100,000 per second, compared to just a few thousand previously.

At the time of writing, the newly minted system has been performing as we’d hoped and uptime has been radically improved. We hope you’ve seen this, too.

This isn’t the end of course. The Mercury platform is always being improved and extended upon at various layers. Several more improvements are underway, and in various stages of implementation too.