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Got a question about the upcoming Core Web Vitals update? How about an SEO problem that’s foxing you? Maybe you just want to show off your latest and greatest CSS creation? Whatever the reason, we’d love it if you came and talked about all things webstuff with us. With that in mind we’ve created this all-new Facebook group:


The group is primarily intended for 34SP.com clients but is open to anyone who’d like to talk about website challenges and solutions.

Some of our oldest clients might recall we once operated a quite successful forum (using the old phpBB) software way back when. Ultimately that went out of fashion, but while it ran it was home to 1000s and 1000s of posts, problems solved and even staff hired!

We hope the new Facebook group provides a similar platform to the forum of old. To be clear it won’t be a formal support channel, you’ll still need to drop us an email or pick up the phone for that; but you will certainly see our team in the group, with suggestions or answers from time to time.

Stuart Melling

Hi! I am the the co-founder of 34SP.com and Business Development Director; I've been at this hosting lark for more than twenty two years, ulp.. I oversee multiple areas of our business to ensure 34SP.com products and services are meeting our customer's needs. You can get in touch over on LinkedIn or replying to any of most posts. In my spare time I am exceptionally interested in food and drink, I run several food website and am a multi-award winning, food and drink writer.

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