Let’s Encrypt revokes millions of SSL certificates

If you follow news in the tech world you might have seen that Let’s Encrypt today revoked three million SSL certificates due to a newly discovered bug.

In total, 2.6% of the more than 116 million active certificates provided by Let’s Encrypt were affected – and that includes hundreds of 34SP.com hosted sites too. If your site was affected it’s possible you received a notification from Let’s Encrypt detailing the issue.

If you’re on one of our managed platforms (WordPress, Professional, Universal, Website Builder) we have already issued a new SSL certificate for your website and installed this. You should see no interruption in service at all.

If you use our Reseller platform you are responsible for the front line support tasks on the plan. This means you will need to re-issue and re-install your SSL certificate for any affected sites. As a reminder, here’s how you do that on our reseller plan.

If you want to check your domain name’s SSL status, Let’s Encrypt have released the following tool to check your domain’s SSL cert. As ever if you’re affected by this and need any help or guidance just get in touch with our support team.