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Knowledge Base & Support Ticket Improvements

You already know that our primary goal here at 34SP.com is to provide the very best service and support possible to each and every customer. To facilitate the wide variety of ways that individual customers choose to use our support resources, we have updated and enhanced our support tools.

Following feedback and consultation with both 34SP.com customers and our in house technical support team, we have updated our technical support pages and added some key new features. We’ve launched a brand new Support Centre, which we hope will give you an even better technical support experience than ever before.

We have also updated the content in our Knowledge Base, including new video guides for our most popular articles (for example, How to set up email on an iPhone). For those of you that don’t know, the 34SP.com Knowledge Base is an extensive library of guides and tutorials covering a broad range of topics related to all of our products. You can search our Knowledge Base via the new Support Centre. Simply enter a few key words and hit enter to get started.

We’ve also made a range of improvements to our support ticketing system as well. Now you can login to your 34SP.com account and access your support tickets via the 34SP.com Control Panel. From inside the 34SP.com  Control Panel, you can view and reply to your open tickets, as well as view (and search) all your old tickets too. This means that all ongoing or archived support tickets are now at your fingertips, without having to delve into your email archive.

It’s worth remembering that all support tickets created inside the 34SP.com Control Panel are pre-authenticated, meaning that you get even faster responses to your technical support enquiries.