Keith gets creative!

Here’s a picture of some of our office Christmas decorations! Keith decided to make a dangly Christmas tree, and set some of us to work making paper chains to go around the ceiling here in the office. We all had to make those paper snowflakes from primary school, too. Phil and I tried to work out how to make a six-sided version, but that was too much to handle so we stuck to the traditionally incorrect eight-sided snowflake. There’s tinsel, too!

Merry Christmas if you celebrate it 🙂


  1. well done Keith, you look like you’ve had practice 🙂

  2. Good on yer Keith ! At times where it’s now been banned by health & safety to have good old fashioned Christmas decorations around in case they fall on the BOSS’S head, bloody nice one – in fact, you can come and cut me some balls too ??? how dangly is your dangly bit ?

    . Oi OI OI , Iv’e got low ceilings 😉

    To all :
    Have a Good Christmas and a Very Happy New Year
    Luvs M xXx

  3. Father Christmas
    Monday December 19th, 2005

    HO HO HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS.. to one and all who celebrate this time of year. and especially to keith, it’s nice to see such christmas spirit in your heart.

  4. ooo pretty! much better than my lame attempts in work…. the fuse bulb died in my lights i took they are hanging there in the stock room looking…sad and lonely and cold.

  5. Well done Keith and the rest of you, you have a great team there. Merry Christmas to you all and have a good new year. From Paula

  6. I wanna see pix of the guys who launched this outfit (I think) –Stuart Melling and Daniel Foster.

    I feel like a member of the family, but am _blind_ in that I don’t know what my little brothers look like!