Is your website killing the planet?

Have you ever stopped to consider the impact that your website might be having on the planet? According to the Website Carbon Calculator, the average webpage produces 1.76g of CO2 per page view. Depending on your page views that can really add up. Hosting your site on sustainable hosting using renewal energy is a start but the design choices you make on your site can also have an effect. Simple choices such as the fonts that you use or the types of picture files can all add up to using more carbon.

Complex site designs featuring autoplay videos, image sliders or background images may look great to the user but they will all add to the energy used by your site and by the device that your site is being viewed on. Taking time to look at your site design and remove unnecessary components can really impact the footprint it is generating.

As well as the design, the content of the site can also make a difference. If it is hard to find the information that a visitor is looking for then they will spend longer on your site (or even click off to go somewhere else). The more time spent searching for what they want, the more that there device will be using energy and therefore generating carbon.

You should also consider the speed of your site as this will also play its part. We have recently published some articles on ways to improve your page speed which will not only help your site rank well but it will use less energy and therefore make it more efficient.

The internet as a whole is having a huge impact on the environment but if we all make changes, use renewable energy and offset our carbon usage then together we can make a difference. only provide sustainable hosting with our datacentres and our office running on 100% renewable energy. We offset 300 tonnes of carbon per year through our support of the Woodland Trust. You can check the status of your site on the Green Web Foundation website where you will also be able to create a graphic to show your visitors that you use sustainable hosting.


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  1. Howard Lake May 25, 2021

    Thanks for sharing this. I host my site with you via a reseller and was double-checking your approach to reducing the carbon impact of my site. So this was a very pleasant result!