Introducing our new support charter

This month we’re unveiling our brand new support charter – our promise to you about how each and every support case will be handled. You can read the full charter here. It can be summed up simply, though:

We won’t leave you hanging.

In truth, we’ve always had something of an informal charter. Since day one, our business has been defined by customer support. The support charter defines that ethos and how we hope to approach every email and phone call. As we near twenty years old (!) we thought it was well overdue to really clarify what everyone in our support team is already drilled to understand.

I say hope as we’re only human and, yes, we make mistakes like everyone else. We have a range of both qualitative and quantitative metrics we hold ourselves up against and like anyone, sometimes we miss. Part of our promise is that when we do make a mistake, we will make things right as soon as possible.

Lastly, there is of course a limit to how much we can lend a hand. We’re always willing and able to fix issues that relate to our platforms and systems. But we can’t, for instance, get stuck in with detailed coding issues. If we do get to a stage where we can’t assist further, we’ll work hard to point you in the right direction or give the nod to someone who can.

With that in mind, we’re building a list of recommended third parties for times when we do need to pass the baton on; a list of businesses we know and that share our attitude to open, honest, and transparent service. Do you run a development, design, security, SEO, or any other form of business that supports website owners? If so, we’d love to hear from you to build this list!