Introducing .io domain names

We’re happy to announce that are now selling .io domain names. The .io domain extension makes a great choice for a memorable, short and snappy domain name. Unlike some of the more established TLDs, there are plenty of great .io domain names still available for you to register.

The .io TLD has grown in popularity recently, as IO is a common abbreviation for input/output. This geeky domain extension has been a huge hit with startups, programmers and technology nerds all over the world. Now you can get your own .io domain from

Whilst .io is brilliant choice for a geeky domain name, it’s all thanks to a happy coincidence – the TLD is really the country code domain for the British Indian Ocean Territory. Despite this, anyone can register a .io domain name; there are no prerequisites or requirements.

Interested is getting a .io domain? Get started by visiting our domains page to search for the perfect domain name for your next project.

Simon Foster

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