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Interview with 34SP.com co-founder Stuart Melling

HostingReviewBox.com began life as a chronicle of one person’s experience to find a solid web hosting service. The site has now graduated to covering web hosting providers via interviews, reviews, tutorials and training.

The most recent blog post by HostingReviewBox.com is an interview with 34SP.com co-founder Stuart Melling. Stuart talks about the origins of 34SP.com, the team that he and our other co-founder, Daniel Foster have built up in the past 16 years, plus what it takes to consistently deliver world class support to tens of thousands of UK website professionals.

Stuart also illuminates which hosting service at 34SP.com is right for each customer and all the great details on the brand new WordPress hosting platform.

Charity hosting and giving back have always been a part of 34SP.com – and Stuart speaks to this topic as well.

Overall this is a detailed look at where 34SP.com came from and how we are positioned for the future as well.

You can take a look at the complete interview here: