Improved spam filtering rolling out across Mercury email

Over the last few months we’ve been testing a new and improved spam filtering system for Mercury email users. This is now in place and we’re happy to report its been running fine for all hosted users. The enhancements should mean a better email experience all around, and hopefully you’ve seen the benefits of this over the holiday period.

For tech fans, we’ve dropped our use of policyd and are now using iRedAPD in its place. This more modern system has a raft of benefits that result in faster email, with less delay and ultimately – less spam.

In more technical terms, iRedAPD allows us to whitelist domains along with all their associated network blocks via any relevant SPF records. This means properly configured domains using SPF are no longer subject to greylisting – the temporary delay of email you might see – from new senders. The email of SPF enabled senders will be delivered right to your inbox.

Our second update and presently ongoing is the implementation of new additional third party spam blacklists. In testing we’ve seen individual servers rejecting around 5 emails per second as spam. As you can imagine multiplied up over our email platform, that makes for a significant spam receipt reduction for everyone – not least faster email all around.

If you’re not currently using our Mercury email platform, get in touch with our support team and we can move you over ASAP.

Stuart Melling

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