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For the third year in a row, we’re proud to report that our WordPress platform fared exceptionally well in the gruelling Review Signal tests. Our completely in house solution is once again up there with the best of the best!

Every year Review Signal puts a number of well known hosting companies through their paces, load testing WordPress hosting plans under extreme conditions. A number of third party load testing services are deployed and simulate what happens when hosting plans are deluged with extreme traffic. The tests build, slowly piling on more and more users, culminating in simulating 1,000 users all accessing the site at the same time. The idea is to replicate what happens when a site gets viral traction from social media or the press.

Crucially Review Signal are about as unbiased as they get – they’re interested only in finding out who the best of the best are. Review Signal charges the hosts in question for the cost of load testing and that’s that. There are no affiliate fees or payments linked to the tests. Hosts can’t pay more to receive a better rank or score.

The results from this year’s testing are our best yet, and I think reflect the ongoing work that goes into our WordPress platform each week to ensure we can wring out every last drop of performance from the technology stack we use. This year we were awarded an ‘honorable mention’ for performing almost without flaw in most tests.

The Review Signal tests are a good indicator of how sites perform under viral load. When we do get a site that really explodes we actually also step in ourselves. The Review Signal testing doesn’t allow for this (as every host would obviously bend over backwards to improve their test score) but it’s something we do for free of charge when we get a site with massive success and traffic, take a look here.

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  1. Great stuff, exciting to see the improvements every year! Looking forward to seeing 34SP make it into the very top tier next year! 😉

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