Hey Ref! We Saw That Goal

Sadly, the boys in the red shirts are out of the World Cup. While there is no doubt that Germany played great, there is one item that still really hurts – that goal that the officials didn’t see.

You know the one. It hit the crossbar and landed – clearly – inside the goal. However, for reasons that escape even the most adroit football fans – the goal was not counted. Now we’re not going to say that England would have won the match if it had been counted, but it surely would have changed the character of the match.

As you probably know by now, 34SP.com has been running World Cup 2010 web hosting promotion. This special promotion awards an additional 10 percent off your first month of web hosting for each goal that England score in the World Cup. Even though the official goal count is three goals scored, we all saw with our own eyes that England scored that goal and it wasn’t counted. See below.

So therefore, 34SP.com is awarding England a full 4 goals – which makes your discount 40% off web hosting accounts for the first month. So even though England will now wait another four years to again strive for World Cup glory, you can benefit from their efforts – and each real goal scored – through the end of the World Cup final on July 11, 2010.


There is one comments on “Hey Ref! We Saw That Goal

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    Stewart Mackay July 8, 2010

    I love your “goal line / ball” illustration! Yes, even though I’m Scottish I saw the pseudo-goal and it was well in, by a good yard I’d say. Oh well, bad news for England but good news for my new hosting account!


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