Half Price .uk Domain Names

Starting June 10, 2014 New .uk Domain Names are Just £2.50!

An exciting new United Kingdom domain name extension will be available to register starting on June 10, 2014 – .uk. This is a shorter version of the previously available .co.uk extension administered by Nominet UK. After researching the needs of the UK online marketplace, Nominet has created the brand new .uk domain name extension to offer UK businesses and websites a shorter version of their domain name.

As a Nominet Certified Registrar, 34SP.com in Manchester will be offering the brand new .uk domain names at launch with a very special limited time offer: all .uk domain names will be sold at half price. The retail price for the new .uk domains is normally £5.00 per year. During the introduction of the .uk domains, 34SP.com will offer .uk registrations for just £2.50 per year (a 50 percent reduction in price) – with no limits on the number of domains that can be registered at the special price.

The special introductory pricing offered on .uk domain names by 34SP.com is due to the company selling the new domains at cost. This strictly limited time offer is available only during the first 90 days after launch of the .uk domains. The registration price on .uk domains will revert to the normal retail price upon renewal. There are no restrictions on who can register a .uk domain, however there are rules set by Nominet governing exactly how the .uk domains may be reserved and registered. Check here to  view detailed information on the new.uk domains registration process.

Stuart Melling, co-founder of 34SP.com explained the value of the new .uk domain names, ”For years the .co.uk domain name has dominated websites and online businesses in the UK. With the introduction of the new .uk domain extension, online businesses, websites and blogs now have the option of using a shorter, more memorable, and easier to type domain name. The .uk domain clearly indicates that the website is focused on the United Kingdom, and with our special introductory pricing offer – 34SP.com makes it easy and affordable for anyone to register their .uk domain name.
This makes obtaining the new .uk domain an easy choice for any serious online business in the UK.”

34SP.com has been registering UK domain names since the year 2000 and has registered tens of thousands of domains during that period.
The company has also earned a reputation as one of the most customer-centric domain registrars, delivering exceptional levels of customer service and support. In addition to registering domain names, 34SP.com offers a wide range of hosting products and services which cater to small businesses, developers, web designers, and WordPress bloggers. The company also offers virtual and dedicated servers for more sophisticated applications.

To learn more about the .uk domains limited time offer or to register your new .uk domain name for half price – please visit: www.34sp.com/uk-domain-names.

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