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Manchester, United Kingdom – Customer focused UK domain name and web hosting provider 34SP.com has announced half price domain pricing for the month of January 2014. The company’s January Sale reduces the price of all new domain name top level extensions registered by 50% during the limited time sale period.

Every top level domain extension is included in the half price sale, and there are no restrictions on the number of domains one can order at these low prices. 34SP.com has been registering domain names since the year 2000 as a Nominet certified registrar. The January Sale domain name promotion is for a limited time only during the month of January 2014. The special half off pricing is available on new domain purchases only (excludes renewals or transfers) and will revert to standard pricing upon renewal.

Stuart Melling, co-founder of 34SP.com explained the rationale behind the half price domain sale, “The beginning of the year is an active time for businesses and bloggers to launch new websites concurrent with their new business ideas for the year. The first step in realising the online business vision is to secure a suitable domain name for a website. Therefore, here at 34SP.com we make it easy for those businesses and bloggers to get started and move their business ideas forward. By offering dramatic discounts on every type of domain and not restricting the number of domains registered – we are helping entrepreneurs to grow the overall economy and their bottom line.”

34SP.com revealed that the most commonly registered domain name top level extensions at the company are: .co.uk domains, .com domains, .net domains, .org.uk domains, and .ltd.uk domain names.

Every 34SP.com domain name registration purchased during January 2014 comes complete with:

  • Half Off Pricing
  • Full DNS (domain name server) Control
  • Email Forwarding
  • Full Domain Forwarding including Framed Forwarding (masked redirection)
  • Advanced DNS Control Panel including MX Record Control
  • Complete Name Server Management
  • Domain Locking
  • Optional Convenient Auto-Renew
  • Optional Whois Opt Out identity protection

To learn more or to register domain names for 50% off the retail price during the 34SP.com January Sale please visit: www.34sp.com/domain-names.

34SP.com Staff

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