Give feedback – win win win

If you’ve ever opened a support ticket with our team, you’ve also seen our feedback request when the case is wrapped up. We’re always keen to know how our team performed; your feedback is absolutely critical to evaluating our work and processes. From our support charter where we try to guarantee excellent service with measurable metrics, through to our upcoming ISO 27001 quality accreditation (more on that in the new year!) your feedback is fundamental.

That said, if you’ve used any online service these days, we know you’ve been bombarded by feedback requests left, right, and centre. I’ll hold my own hands up, the delete key swiftly follows an email in my own inbox asking for feedback. Unless of course, they dangle something shiny in front of me. With that in mind…

Starting in 2022 we hope to make the process a little less onerous. Each month we will pick a random feedback out of the hat and award a £50 Amazon gift voucher. Your feedback needn’t be an epic novel, and it can be positive or negative. Weird fact: as much as we love the glowing praise, we crave the negative stuff and obsess over it. After all, knowing what we’ve done wrong only helps us improve.

So next time you see one of those annoying feedback requests from us, remember: there could be a few quid in it for you!