Due to a large number of malicious attacks targeted against FTP accounts, we have decided to make some changes on our users behalf. As of this post all personal and business account users should see the FTP security lock enabled on their accounts. This blocks FTP access until you reverse this option via our site.

In addition if your account was exploited by the attackers we may have also randomized your FTP password. Please note that only a very small fraction of our users have experienced this issue – however, these measures have been taken out of an abundance of caution to protect all accounts. For more complete details on the FTP lock and updating FTP passwords please see:


If you have any questions regarding this update, please drop us an email at help@34sp.com.


There is one comments on “FTP Security Updates

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    Craig Collins May 1, 2009

    If I lock FTP will it lock out ALL uploading, including SFTP programs like WinSCP?

    I have taught my client how to use FTP to update information in her website by herself, but I think it will be more complicated to train her to unlock and relock FTP whenever she wants to upload. Thanks, C


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