FTP security lock

We have recently added a new security feature to all personal hosting accounts.  The feature enables you to disable upload access to your account. To access the FTP security lock settings:

1) Login to our site https://account.34sp.com
2) Select ‘hosting’ from the right hand menu
3) Click on the hosting account you want to update
4) Scroll down the page to the FTP security lock section
You can set three options for the account:

Enable: Upload access to your account is permitted.
Enable today: Upload access is temporarily enabled. Access is automatically disabled at midnight.
Disabled: Upload access is not permitted to the account.
This will affect all upload access to the account: FTP, SCP and SFTP. Changes to the setting take immediate effect.

If you have any queries please reply to this email, or call us on +44 (0)161 200 1855.

34SP.com Staff

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  1. Stuart

    Good to see 34SP on the ball on this one – well done guys and thank you for all your help in sorting out the “problems” we have been having

  2. It might be nice to be able to turn FTP off and leave SFTP working. I never use FTP for upload (I use sftp for smal uploads/opening files remotely and rsync over ssh for big uploads), and I see no reason why anyone would want to.

  3. Think my site was hacked recently with a lot of adult links forced into the tag of my index page.

    Is this security measure in response to similar problems?


  4. This is a brilliant idea. Had the opportunity to test this out just today. You guys are doing a great job, really!


  5. Graeme: When any type of shell is enabled ftp is included in this so im afraid this isnt possible on the current setup of the servers

    Rob: It was implemented for similar situations where it can avoid attacks from brute force / dictionary style attacks that may have got your details

    Please do remember that you have activated this feature, we have had a number of support cases where people have forgotten that they have enabled it and wondered why their ftp is not functioning.

  6. Many thanks! Excellent idea, having been wondering why my site was redirecting to dodgy sites from Google searches. Thought I’d picked up a virus on my Macs. Delighted you’ve picked up on it and taken action.

    Thanks again, David.

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