From the support desk – you installed SSL, right?

It’s been nearly four years since we ditched paid SSL certificates – EV SSL also made its last swan song on our product pages two years ago. SSL is now 100% free on all hosted websites, and we’ve never looked back. We’ve activated thousands of certificates for our clients over those years.

There is of course still some concern about SSL. Is it complicated? Will it break my site? Will it hurt my SEO? How do I even get started? No, no, no, and very easily are the quick answers, but you want more than that, right?

First of all, *not* enabling SSL is probably hurting your site more than continuing to sit on the fence and take no action at all. We’ve been consistently talking about the need for SSL since we launched Let’s Encrypt certificates in 2016 and the need is only becoming more pressing. These days it’s very simple: do you have a website? Yes? Then you need to activate SSL. Bit I don’t take credit ca… no… you still need to activate SSL.

We’ve tried to make the installation of SSL as simple as possible. It’s just a five step process through our control panel to get your SSL issued and activated. From logging into our site and activating the Let’s Encrypt service, you’re just an hour away from seeing the SSL padlock in your website’s address bar.

If you run an existing WordPress based website, you should also take a few more steps to ensure the switch from http:// to https:// is seamless. There are just four more steps to follow, and they’re all listed in this guide to migrating a WordPress website to SSL.

As ever, if you run into any issues we’re here seven days a week, from 8:00 a.m. daily (9:30 a.m. at weekends) to help. We’ve helped thousands of websites take the leap to SSL and we’re eager to help you, too!


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  1. Jon Wright April 27, 2020

    It’s all very well having a TLA (Three Letter Abbreviation) but if you don’t know what it means it’s not much use!!!
    What is SSL?