Free space upgrades

As of today brand new personal hosting accounts have improved storage and transfer allocations. Personal hosting plans are now as follows:

£17.95 per year – 200MB space with 2GB per month transfer
£27.95 per year – 400MB space with 4GB per month transfer
£37.95 per year – 600MB space with 6GB per month transfer
£47.95 per year – 800MB space with 8GB per month transfer

This free upgrade quadruples storage and doubles transfer allocations.

If you have an existing personal hosting account you can also take advantage of these new limits. To upgrade an existing account please login to

Once logged in select ‘services’ followed by the ‘upgrade’ button next to your hosting account. You will need to read the information and agree to the conditions before we can upgrade your account.


  1. Will a similar quadrupling/doubling become available for reseller accounts?

    I have only just this month switched to a reseller and the decision was marginal but done for convenience and future growth. I certainly would not need to have taken the plunge to reorganise everything if I had known I would be able to have just had this upgrade of some existing personal accounts.

    I would not wont the hassle of switching back for cost reasons when I need to obtain still more resources.

  2. I was wondering the exact same thing, just upgraded to reseller account myself a few months ago.

  3. That’s great news about upgrading the storage space available. Thanks:)

  4. Is an answer going to be given to micr’s question from two weeks ago? I had been considering “upgrading” to a reseller account, but obviously it’s not going to be worth it if the level of service is so much lower on these accounts.

  5. Yes, I agree. It seems its more beneficial to have personal accounts with this new upgrade. I think its fantastic but possibly not for resellers.

  6. As per the previous comments, this is good news for personal hosting accounts, what are you plans for reseller accounts.

  7. Upgrades to resellers accounts would be appreciated, even if it were only double or triple as opposed to quadruple. Its been a few years since the services for resellers were set and the web has come a long way since then. Go on! You you you should increase it!

  8. There are no immediate plans to upgrade the reseller accounts. Whilst it is true they simply started as multiples of the personal account this is no longer the price (e.g. the price is not 17.95 per month).

    The personal space upgrades requires all existing personal accounts be migrated. This is our present undertaking. When this is complete we will be reviewing the reseller account limits.

    In the meantime you may want to check out our VPS hosting options coming online in the next few days. Storage limits start at 25GB and monthly fees 29.95.

  9. I agree, I would feel so much happier if I was given a space boost on my reseller account. I am a strong believer in rewarding loyalty as well as enticing new customers.

  10. While it ‘may’ not have been easy for to automatically upgrade our accounts I feel they could have made far more effort to notify their customers of the free upgrade. Was an email even sent out?

  11. Mails are being sent out at the moment on a server by server basis, Steve. We delayed this to allow time to get some people moved and to hopefully lessen the impact of any necessary moves.