Free Month of Web Hosting – Back to School

It’s that time of year once again…the beginning of a new academic year. As some of you know was founded by Stuart and Daniel when they were straight out of Uni at UMIST, and many of our early customers were students.

To recognise the contribution of students to our growth (and to give everyone a great special offer on our most popular web hosting account), is offering a Back-to-School promotion running for the entire month of September 2010. During our ‘Back to School’ special promotion anyone who signs up for a new Professional web hosting account will get their first month free. This offer is not restricted to just students. Anyone can sign up and receive the first month free.

Special Note: If you carefully view the bottom of the above promo page you’ll catch a glimpse of some of our team during their own early school days! That’s those funny looking photos at the bottom of the page. Staff

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