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Every so often we like to focus on a particular domain; after all, we currently offer more than 250 different options, and the choice can be overwhelming. Our featured extension this month is the .London domain name – which as you might guess is aimed squarely at websites focused on the UK’s capital city (see below for a special offer and discount!).

Are .London domains worth it for my site? Should I switch?

There’s been a lot of debate in search marketing circles around whether the raft of new gTLDs like .London are given any bump in search results. To be clear, Google themselves say they’re treated like any other domain name:

Q: How will new gTLDs affect search? Is Google changing the search algorithm to favor these TLDs? How important are they really in search?
A: Overall, our systems treat new gTLDs like other gTLDs (like .com & .org). Keywords in a TLD do not give any advantage or disadvantage in search.

Q: How are the new region or city TLDs (like .london or .bayern) handled?
A: Even if they look region-specific, we will treat them as gTLDs. This is consistent with our handling of regional TLDs like .eu and .asia. There may be exceptions at some point down the line, as we see how they’re used in practice.

As I’m fond of saying, when Google explicitly confirms a part of their search algorithm, it’s worth paying attention! Anyway, if your intent is to switch out your .com for a .London and triple your traffic overnight, you’re going to be disappointed. But that’s only half the story.

While Google won’t reward your domain name instantly, your clients and users might. One of the critical elements in moving up in search rankings is ensuring that a user’s search efforts result in a click to your site. At a very simple level, Google tracks how users respond to what they see in search, and reward sites where users click through at a higher rate. By selecting a .London domain name for a London-centric business or site, your chances of standing out to a potential new customer or user are increased.

Let’s say a potential client in the London area searched for something like “florists near me”; imagine which of these two choices would stand the better chance of seeing a user click:


A simple example I know, but clearly the first domain speaks directly to the user’s intent. Who knows where the second website might be located?

Search is only part of the story of course.  Aside from the search benefits to a .London domain name, there’s the obvious branding component. A .London domain name adds undeniable branding to your website by connecting your site with an indisputable icon that resonates globally. There’s no denying London’s appeal and cool, and the domain name lets you link your website directly to that.


Is anyone using the new .London domain names?

No one wants to be the first one to the party, hoping things are about to get started at any moment. That’s not a concern here though, the .London domain name space is being quickly adopted by many existing brands and businesses. Established businesses that have moved their websites to .London include the capital’s international convention and exhibition centre, ExCeL London; the Prescott & Conran Group’s hotel and restaurant, The Boundary Project; and luxury health club Third Space. Moreover, here are a few quotes from real site owners who made the leap:

“Our .London domain name has provided us with an opportunity to associate ourselves directly with London. This aligns with our strategy to build homes exclusively in London.”

Amber Pointer, Head of Marketing at residential property developer, Anthology

“It tells people who and where we are in an instant and feels geographically appropriate.”

Alex Jackson, owner and top chef at southern French inspired restaurant, Sardine

“Because I have the ‘henri.london’ website, my business is slowly morphing into Henri London. I think this is attractive, not just to Londoners, but on an international scale as well.”

Henrietta Adams, founder of independent ethical clothing brand, Henri

“We’re very proud to be part of such a diverse and liberal city and felt that .London went well with our brand ethos.”

David Jordan, personal trainer and director of London Bridge-based gym, The Fitting Rooms:

.London domain name special offer

For the months of October and November, we’re offering a fantastic deal on new .London domain names. We’re offering new .London domain names for just £5*. That’s for a one year purchase of any new .London domain name during the promotion period. After that, the domain name will renew at our regular pricing of £30 per year. Simply use code LONDONCALLING in the basket at checkout. Search for a new London domain name right away here:

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Terms and conditions

  • Offer limited to 1,000 .London domain names
  • Limit of 5 .London domain names during promotion per customer
  • Promotion runs October 1st through November 30th 2018.

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