Fastest UK based WP hosts – we’re one of ’em

The results are in and once more, we’ve been noted to be one of the fastest WordPress hosts in the UK. In fact, in the sub $25 per month category in which we were tested, we had the fastest response times from the London test site of any UK based provider.

Aside from that we’re ecstatic with the results in general, which noted our excellent uptime (100%) and performance. Overall we just missed the very top spot, but still walked away with an honorable mention.

The performance part of the Review Signal tests throw an increasing number of concurrent users at the hosting account. The test culminates with 1,000 simulated users accessing the website at once and seeing what happens. Review Signal’s Kevin Ohashi wrote the following about our results:

This is the third year of participation for and it’s fantastic to see them earn an honorable mention status this year. Last year they were almost there.  A few spikes in the Load Impact testing kept them out of top tier status this time. Next year I hope to see them earning top tier status as they continue to improve.

While 1,000 users at once is more than any of our hosted sites will generally see their lifetime (we focus on small businesses for the most part), I should note that we can happily help those who see those levels, or much much more.

One thing the tests don’t show – or actually allow in our category – is that our real world hosting products come with added extras. Review Signal only allow the testing of an off the shelf vanilla hosting plan. They don’t allow us to make custom configuration changes to support even better performance. That’s only allowed in their enterprise category, which we don’t compete in. If you find your site ever does get a TV mention or huge social media spike, we’re always here to make the changes required to help your site scale up to where it needs to be.