Exceptional Web Developer Wanted

34SP.com is once again hiring for our growing team in Manchester, United Kingdom. We are currently seeking qualified candidates to fulfill a key role within the Design and Development team as a Web Developer. See the following information for details on joining our award-winning UK website hosting team.

Job Description
The successful applicant’s role will be as an entry level web developer in our systems development team. The systems team oversees the smooth operation of all the technical systems underpinning 34SP.com, from the main website to products and services.

This breaks down into three spheres:
Systems development: The development of 34SP.com products, services, websites and tools.

Systems design: The oversight, maintenance and new development of all 34SP.com brand related items from the main website, support web site, sub sites, customer correspondence (both online and offline), promotional activities etc.

The systems team is also responsible for the internal messaging of any fault or customer impacting issue to the support team.

£18,000 → £20,000+

Working Hours
9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday

Required Skills and Experience
34SP.com relies on complex proprietary software running on various *nix servers. We require all applicants to demonstrate a sound understanding of the LAMP environment plus related web technologies.

CV’s that do not indicate experience with the following technologies will be immediately rejected without reply:

Additionally, the following skills would also be desirable:

To Apply
Interviews will begin the week starting Monday, December 9th. Please submit your application and CV to: stu@34sp.com with subject line ‘Web developer position’.

34SP.com Staff

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