Email redirect option removed

As of this week we’ve removed the ability to create new email redirects within our control panel. Existing redirects will remain in place for now – but you will no longer be able to create new email redirects. We recommend creating full mailboxes if you need to receive email at different addresses.

We’ve taken this step to combat an increasingly problematic spam issue for our clients. For some time we’ve warned against this practice which ultimately leads to mailboxes being spam listed; recently we’ve seen an increase in the number of clients being affected by the use of redirects.

To recap: by redirecting mail, you redirect everything – spam and all. This means that the receiving end of the redirect treats your forwarding mailbox as the source of the spam. This leads to providers such as Gmail and Hotmail quickly blocking your mailbox. It can take several days to reverse this block, resulting in deteriorated email service.


There are 2 comments on “Email redirect option removed

  1. Mark Chipperfield February 17, 2019

    As a 30 year IT Guy this is appalling!
    Its up to the user or the manager of the mail service to filter out the final layer of spam but to globally block redirects, is draconian. A decision made for the masses by the few (deliberate miss paraphrase of Churchill during WW2)

    Please reinstate, or I will reconsider providers.


    • Stuart Melling February 19, 2019

      Internal redirects were temporarily unavailable but now are back. What won’t be coming back is forwarding email external to, e.g. to Gmail. In this case it doesn’t matter what the user/manager decides for the final layer of spam – Google makes the decision for them – they simply blanket block the forwarding server as the source of spam, and lots of email is lost without warning. In this example the easiest solution is to reconfigure the mailbox as IMAP and simply set Gmail to collect the email directly via IMAP, not forwarding – hey presto, you have your email natively in Gmail.

      Sadly, we can’t bring back forwarding to external mailboxes, it was resulting in servers being black listed on a daily basis and causing huge issues for our users.