This month sees the completion of our long term project in migrating all of our remaining users from the legacy Atmail system to our more modern Mercury platform. During the transition quite a few clients mentioned a change in alias policy between the systems.

As a result, we’ve brought back email aliases on Mercury hosted mailboxes. The ability to create new email aliases is now available at the mailbox level of the control panel. What does this mean? Simply put, you can redirect multiple vanity mailboxes to deliver to one true hosted mailbox. E.g. you can use:

and have these alias to a true mailbox like – you’d collect your email directly from that last true mailbox.

What we still don’t allow is the external forwarding or redirection of email to a different domain or address outside our network. When we forward email on, we forward every piece of mail, spam and all. This means recipient servers can often tag our forwarding server as the spam source, and in turn incorrectly block us rather than the spam sender. The result is that the intended recipient often loses email, and never even knows about the email being dropped.


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  1. Rob January 17, 2019

    Brilliant! I’ve missed having the ability to sign up to online services with an alias. It made it really simple to kill the vanity email address if there was a data breach, or know who was selling my data on.