A very grey, and drizzly *summer* day in Manchester today. To lift the spirits lunch today was at the funky and continually reliable Eden Bar.

Eden sits on the edge of the Rochdale canal accessible from Canal Street by a small bridge. As you cross the bridge you also pass the permanently moored canal barge owned by Eden. Perfect for a cold drink on one of the five sunny days we get in Manchester each year. Today however, bobbing up and down in the rain did not appeal. Indoors we went.

Inside, Eden is a dark wood and candlelit affair (sometimes a bit too dark). Plenty of big leather sofas circle the edges to laze on once you have had your fill. There is also a well stocked bar if you were to make it an evening out.

Lunchtime at Eden comprises sandwiches, burgers, soups, pizzas etc. Bar food with a nice twist. Service is also friendly and fun – today we even had assistance naming the songs playing on the PA 🙂

The half pound lamb burger served with a nice big salad and side of fries should be plenty to keep anyone going for most of the day (and into the night!). Something lighter? The salami and emental cheese sandwich (again with a nice big salad) went down a treat today.

For lunch (or dinner) Eden is another 34SP.com favourite destination and well worth the trip, especially if you come on one of our sunny days 😉



There are 13 comments on “Eden in rainy Manchester

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    bytte July 4, 2005

    Can you pay in 34spoints over there? 🙂

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    Wen July 4, 2005

    I stopped in at Eden once while visiting Manchester. I would definitely recommend it for it’s casual atmosphere and getting a good look at the canal (which really is exciting for someone from Utah). 🙂

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    Daz, All Things Web July 5, 2005

    You thought about offering these guys a better website in return for free food?

    Checked the site out – what a let down!


  4. Avatar
    Daniel July 6, 2005

    If only!

    We’d never have to pay 😉

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    johnrbrook July 11, 2005

    is the girl at the top on the staff ?

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    Someone from Manchester July 18, 2005

    I didn’t know this company were Manchester!

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    Jonathan September 21, 2005

    Great Addition! Saves typing in card details every time!

  8. Avatar
    Rob September 30, 2005

    Nice one – useful features to make the site easier and faster to use. Thanks!

  9. Avatar
    Tania September 2, 2006

    Hi everyone! I’m the assisstant manager at Eden, thank you for all your nice comments! Just to let you know we have a new web site now, so hopefully no more disappointments! 😉 Hope to see you all at Eden soon!

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    Ian September 8, 2006

    Thanks for that comment Tania I looked at the website what a great website. Being a website designer myself its a credit to the great bar/restaruant which is already in place.

    Well done eden 5/5 from me!

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    bali June 21, 2007

    I hope this place is good. After reading the reviews i have decided to make this the place to eat when i’m in town from london this weekend. Will leave a feedback on my return

  12. Stuart
    Stuart June 22, 2007

    I’ve always enjoyed Eden. If your in town and looking for a decent lunch you could do a lot worse. Check out Pacific in China town as well.

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    Michael May 30, 2008

    Had quite simply the BEST sirloin steak I have ever tasted here a few days ago. Staff were brilliant and made sure everything was ok with my meal. Great & fun atmosphere, staff look like they love working there too. My first choice if ever I want something to eat in the village. Highly recommended.