Dot org domain names – what’s next

We’ve been fielding quite a few queries of late over the mooted sale of the .org registry. What does this mean for clients who hold .org domain names? Are price hikes coming down the road?

Sadly, we don’t have any concrete information on what the future holds right now. The sale of the .org registry came something out of the blue and to date we’ve not received any guidance. It goes without saying that most commercially-run registries do increase their pricing over time, if only to cover inflationary increases in their operating costs.

Should the ownership transition of the .org registry mean an increase in our own wholesale prices for the .org domain name, we will be passing these onto our own clients largely at cost. This happens several times a year (we carry more than 200 domain name types) at which point we typically don’t increase our pricing much beyond what extra we’re charged; excepting of course to make the updated prices simple, rounded numbers.

If you’re worried about a potential price increase, remember you can always renew in advance and lock in current pricing. We allow .org registrations for up to 10 years at a time. You can renew any existing .org domain name at any time up to that maximum registration period at today’s domain pricing. If the .org registry does eventually increase pricing, you won’t be affected by that until renewal comes around.