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Domain price increases

Following on from our update to new domain name pricing several months ago, we’re applying the same increased pricing to domain name renewals as of today, September 23rd. All users will also be notified on a per domain basis, 30 days ahead of renewal, in their individual domain name renewal emails.

The price change affects the renewals of .com, .net, .org, .co.uk, .me.uk. .uk and .org.uk domain names, and is the first time in our sixteen year history that we’ve altered the pricing of these products. The cost to renew each of these domain names will increase by £2.50 per year.

As highlighted in our June post, our costs have significantly increased in the past sixteen years.
Several issues that have impacted our domain costs include:

Again, none of these factors have been priced into our core domain products which remain unchanged since 34SP.com began offering domain names over 15 years ago. We still believe our domain names represent fantastic value in the UK market and do not anticipate any further changes to our prices in the near future.