What impact is your choice of domain name having on your consumer trust?

15 May 2017


With the recent explosion of available domain names, choosing the right domain name for your website is trickier than ever. The domain market is now flooded with industry and city specific extensions; everything from .menu to .london to .ninja. And of course, there’s the heavyweight of .com – quite often perceived by many as the domain name must have. But is it?

Some business owners jump immediately for .com, research from UK domain name registry Nominet shows UK business owners should take a long, hard look at .UK domain names first. In fact, it is possible that choosing the wrong domain name could even result in lost sales.

In a survey conducted in late 2016, Nominet asked 1,000 random consumers about their thoughts on domains ending .UK. The results are eye opening and worth studying by any UK business operating online. Some of the main points identified include:

  • 98% of people were aware of domain names ending with .UK
  • 91% of people said they would click first on a website ending in .UK when shopping online compared to other ‘newer’ domain endings
  • 73% of people said they would click first on a website ending in .UK when shopping online compared to other ‘established’ domain endings
  • 84% trust a domain ending in .UK more or the same as any other domain

The research reveals that websites ending in .UK are universally preferred over both non-.UK traditional domain names and new niche domains recently made available. For businesses pitching to UK based users the choice of domain can have real implications for the bottom line; even .com takes a back seat to .UK, the report claims that twice as many consumers prefer to click first on a website ending in .UK than on a .com win search results. It goes without saying, every business wants to be that first click online.

Daniel Foster, MD at UK based says, “Despite the perception that .com domains are the be all and end all of domain names, .UK domain names are our most popular domain by far. The current flood of new domains on the market is great, but sometimes can confuse buyers. Is domain x better than domain y? It’s a question we’re asked all the time. Ultimately, the best domain is the domain recognised and trusted by your audience, and for UK businesses that still remains or the shorter .uk.”

During the month of May, are running a time limited promotion to offer select .UK domains at just £1.20 for a one year registration, their lowest ever price on .UK domains and a perfect opportunity for UK businesses to secure their own .UK domain.

Full details of the UK domain name promotion can be found at

About Nominet

Nominet are the top level registry for the .UK domain space. Their team of 140 people, based in Oxford and London, support 2,500 members and millions of domain name registrations. Source of Stats: Nominet’s Annual Consumer Tracking Survey 2016. Survey completed between 24 August and 8 September via an online research panel.Sample of n=1,000 panelists aged 18-74 weighted using GB Census information to be nationally representative.



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