Did you know: refer a friend

If the answer to that headline is yes, wonderful, I’ve finally accomplished my mission in writing about this program every few months! If, however, you’re one of the 70% of our customers who routinely note that they’re not aware of this cash saving feature, you might want to spend 60 seconds acquainting yourself. You could save yourself a few quid in the process.

Under our refer a friend program, should you switch on one of your friends, family or colleagues to our service, we’ll give you both a free month. No fuss, no complicated rules, just free time.

The program is as simple as could be. When your friend purchases a new hosting plan from 34SP.com, they just enter your hosted domain name in the referral section of the signup form:

Once they complete their purchase you both get a free month of hosting on your respective hosting plans. This applies to our Professional, WordPress, Reseller and Universal plans, regardless of tier. This does not apply to domain names, just hosting plans.

The whole process is automated and handled in real time. If your friend cancels, you don’t lose your free time (of course, we do monitor the system to make sure it’s being used in good faith). Like I said, we keep it simple. A free month for you, a free month for them.