Did you know – half price .com domain names when you transfer them to 34SP.com

One lesser known aspect of the domain name transfer system is that some registrars require a renewal of the domain name once a domain is moved. The biggest example of this is the .com registry; when a domain name changes from registrar to registrar, it must be renewed for a year on top of any existing registration time.

For this reason, you will commonly see a registrar charge you to transfer a domain name inward to their service, to cover the cost of the domain name renewal. At 34SP.com we charge just £5 to transfer a .com domain name into our control. That’s in contrast to the regular renewal price of £12.50 per year for a .com domain name at 34SP.com.

What that means is… you guessed it… you get your .com domain name renewed for a discount of 60% off regular prices!

You might ask why we don’t extend that price to regular renewals. In actuality, £5 is less than the renewal costs us so we’re actually losing a little amount of cash each time someone transfers a .com inward to us. The discount year has proved so popular though, we’ve left the pricing as is for more than a decade, as a little thank you for our clients who want to transfer in other domain names to their 34SP.com account. We think you’ll be hard pressed to find a cheaper way to renew a .com domain name in the UK!

If you want to move a .com to 34SP.com, the process is very simple, though we do have a few guidelines you should be aware of:

  • Don’t transfer domain names that are on the verge of expiring, you might find the domain lapses
  • While we can advise and check the transfer, the ultimate responsibility to ensure the domain transfers is yours
  • We aren’t actively checking transfers inward each day, so do ask us if you need us to help you review the progress of your transfer
  • The domain name can’t be moved again for 60 days once transferred
  • We don’t charge a fee to move the domain name away from 34SP.com

To get started with transferring your .com domains to 34SP.com, simply visit our domain name transfer page.

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