Did you know: free hosting with refer a friend

Every now and then we like remind you of some of the lesser known features of your hosting and 34SP.com in general.  This time around, it’s how to get free web hosting. That’s right, via our refer a friend scheme you can save real money on your monthly hosting costs. To earn free service all you have to do is let your friends know about 34SP.com. When they sign up, we give you both credit on your hosting plans.

Here’s how it works:

1) When your friend buys a product, get them to enter your domain name in the referrals section during checkout.
2) They will be credited with a month of free hosting.
3) Not only will they get a free month of hosting, you’ll be credited with a free month, too.

Any hosting account can refer any other hosting account and there’s no limit to how many friends and colleagues you can refer. Each and every new account that’s opened in good faith will credit you with a free month of service. You’re even free to refer yourself if you like. What’s good faith you ask? Well, the program is meant to reward the purchase of genuine new accounts; we simply reserve the right to remove or rescind the offer on an individual basis if we see it being abused.

You can review the full terms of our refer a friend program here: