On demand backups with 34SP.com snapshot

Our popular Snapshot feature is now available on our Professional, Business and WordPress hosting plans. If you didn’t notice this feature rolling out in late 2016 – we wanted to remind you to take full advantage in 2017.

Snapshots are an on demand backup of your website data. One click is all it takes to create a snapshot of all your data. Snapshot offers a way to take control of your website data, whether for disaster recovery or data portability.

Snapshots are stored on our backup servers as standard, but can also be downloaded to your local machine. This means you can take control of your website’s long term security by ensuring you always have a safe, offline copy of all your data.

For our Business and Professional Hosting plans, Snapshots automatically include:

– httpdocs
– cgi-bin
– private
– php.ini
– all databases associated with the account

On our WordPress Hosting accounts we include:

– httpdocs (excluding the wp/ folder)
– all databases associated with the account

Every Professional, Business and WordPress hosting account is permitted to store five Snapshots on our backup server; but you’re free to download as many copies to your local storage as you like.

For Snapshots stored on our backup server, restoration is just one click away. Simply click the “Restore Snapshot” option in the control panel and select what items from the Snapshot to restore; just want the database restored, no problem. See our KB article on creating and restoring Snapshots.

For users who downloaded a Snapshot to their local machine, we deliver the data as a zip file with zero proprietary formatting. This means you can even use the Snapshot feature to ensure your website is portable across platforms should you ever need to migrate your hosting to a different provider.