Currency and pricing updates for 2020

This month we’re finalising an update to our billing system which started way back in 2017. As of February 12th, 2020 we will be removing Euro and Dollar pricing from our site entirely.

At the time of writing, less than 5% of our clients use non-Sterling billing and support for these currencies adds significant overhead and complexity to our billing systems. The update should help streamline billing across the board.

On February 12th we will be updating the currency option of any existing clients that still use Euro or Dollar billing to use UK Sterling instead. Once updated, the amount showing on statements for these accounts will fluctuate each month based on current Euro/Dollar exchange rates. In many cases this will mean a slight reduction in domain and hosting costs.

Users don’t need to do anything in advance of this change. We will continue to bill any stored cards and you can continue to pay manually with any major credit or debit card, issued from anywhere in the world.

Domain pricing updates

As part of this process (and due to several registry updates in 2019), we’ve also taken the time to address several inconsistencies and errors in our domain name pricing. All of our domain name prices have now been updated using a standardised pricing formula. In several cases this means slight increases, and in some others has led to dramatic reductions.

You can review our complete range of domain names and their respective costs here:


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