Corinne Welsh to Explain GPL at WordCamp London

According to her bio on the WordCamp London website, Corinne Welsh makes things look great online, and in print, using free and open source software. Ten years ago Ms. Welsh created a training and development company to help others via her online expertise. At she is as happy building your website for you, as showing you how to do it for yourself. Corinne currently lives in London and will be a featured presenter at WordCamp London 2015. As a significant sponsor of this year’s premier WordPress event, WordPress Hosting is proud to present this preview of Ms. Welsh’s WordCamp presentation.


How did you become involved with WordPress? Give us the story of your background.

I built my first website in 1999 using HTML and CSS. The web had been making its way into my life in the few years leading up that. I had graduated from university with a degree in English Literature. I worked in publishing and across a number of social infrastructure organisations. In 2008, I was doing some work for an organisation that was using WordPress for its website rebuild. At that time my knowledge of free and open source software was growing. I was also looking at new options for my company’s website. I could see how WordPress was a great tool for my needs and forthe needs of my clients as well. As I got to know WordPress more, the more apparent that match became.


Explain a bit about what does and how that experience shaped your expertise. specialises in the practical use of free and open source software. We provide flexible communications, management and training services. We can do it for you, show you how to do it, or provide any combination of such support.

That experience has given me a deep understanding of people’s relationship with technology. It has often become very clear where marketing has usurped people’s needs and the steps people take in learning. The experience has given me the opportunity to develop my own technical skills across a broad area.


Give a brief explanation of what you will cover in your WordCamp presentation, why it is important — and who will most benefit from hearing what you have to say.

I am going to be talking about software licensing. That sounds like a dry and complex subject, but I plan to present it in a light and relevant way. My presentation title is “Your Free GPL Toolbox”. The GPL is the GNU General Public License. It is the licence that WordPress is released under. The licence that software carries is crucial for the rights you have and how you use it. It is also crucial in determining how any project you are using it for can develop.

The first part of my presentation will explain the GPL using everyday language. The second part will cover some popular GPL-licensed applications, apart from WordPress.

The talk will benefit people who are new to the topic. I will be speaking in a way that presumes no technical knowledge of software, WordPress, or legal issues. It will also benefit experienced WordPress users and developers who use proprietary software for their auxillary design and office work. There are cost and sustainability advantages that are relevant to any business. With WordCamp, this year focusing on the non-profit sector, it is a presentation that will benefit a range of people.


Have you ever attended a WordCamp event before?

This is the my first WordCamp event, although I have experience of other conferences. I am attending Drupal Camp the month before and speaking at PyCon in Montreal the following month. Nothing matches the social aspect of a conference: meeting people, learning and exchanging ideas face-to-face. That is invaluable.


Anything else you wanted to add at this time? runs a monthly drop-in in partnership with Redbridge Libraries. It is on the first Friday of every month. It provides the opportunity for anyone to try free software applications, hands-on, and to get advice. These events are free of charge and open to all: individuals, businesses and organisations. To find out more about the drop-in, training, and for help switching to free software, call: 020 3051 2258. To receive updates about training and events, join our mailing list at Staff

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