Congratulations Keith on passing your Red Hat training!

A huge congratulations to staff member Keith Hyde on passing his Red Hat exams! As a member of our engineering team and a WordPress Systems Specialist, Keith has been studying extensively for the Red Hat vendor qualification for over 6 months. We are pleased to congratulate him on his well earned achievement!

Keith, how would you say the Red Hat Certified System Administrator qualification is important to your role at

A major part of my role is system administration. Fault finding on customers accounts, VPS servers etc. General maintenance, migrations and much more. All of our systems run CentOS, which is the community version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
The Red Hat certification ensures that I have the required skills to administer Red Hat systems to vendor standards. As I intend to further myself in this area, I have applied myself fully to this training in my spare time and I am pleased to have passed my exams.


How did you find the studying for this qualification?

The course covers a very wide range of topics. I studied with Sander van Vugt’s online book and video course. I mostly did my studying around my daily jobs, and practised what I had learned in between. I would say I spent a good few months, practicing the various tasks in the book, until I knew them off by heart or as close as possible. This course involved a good mixture of subjects I practice currently and it also helped me learn new elements of system administration. I found it beneficial in the long run.


How did you feel doing your Red Hat exams?

I was petrified! After taking the train early to Leeds, to go to the Q&A training building there, I was very nervous, though pleased to find that the person administering the exam was a very down to earth nice guy and made me relax a little more about my impending exam. Even though you do a lot of the work daily, an exam is an exam. Much like talking at events, it’s not something that I’m used to but I hope to do more of the things that make me nervous but also progress my career in future.


Was there anything specific you took from your Red Hat training and can apply to your role?

That’s a tough one! The exam covers Redhat Enterprise Linux 7. As I predominantly work on our WordPress Hosting platform the two don’t directly correlate as our hosting currently runs on CentOS7. I have however taken a lot from the training personally. I have furthered my knowledge of configuring file systems and attributes. I have also taken on board Red Hats’ training on Encryption and security, something which is invaluable if you are looking to become a Systems Administrator in future.


Any advice for our future staff who will be taking the exam?

Learn the objectives and practice practice practice. Don’t be afraid to use the man and info pages, that is what they are there for! Talk to me, to people online and anyone you know who has had involvement with Red Hat in the past. It’s a fantastic qualification to have and once again I am proud to have passed the final exams. To those thinking about studying for Red Hat, not only is good to have qualifications under your belt, it’s good to be active in the role you wish to go for and make sure you are aware of the current practices, especially in the ever changing world of the internet. are committed to offering the best service and support to our clients, which means making sure we train our staff on the latest technologies. We encourage staff members to take any training they would like to further themselves.

Also congratulations Keith! We knew you had it in you!

-Siobhan @SiobhanLHancock


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