Christmas party funnery!

Yes that’s right! On the evening of Thursday the 7th of December we had our Christmas party with the surrounding offices on our floor. Many wonderful things occurred but the highlights of the evening were as follows:-

  • Beer / Wine / Soft drinks,
  • Food in many forms,
  • A Magician,
  • A Charicaturist.

The magician was very good and did lots of card tricks that left us all in awe, so much so we think you should go to his website.

However it doesn’t stop there! The charicaturist did a masterful picture of each and every one of us, bar Ian and Stuart who are very naughty for not being here ;). He also has a website here.


  1. Nice pics, so are they proudly presented up on the office wall now then? And someone please get poor Mike a bigger boat, you know he needs more than one bottle of wine in there 😉

  2. What a fine bunch of gents you all look – and so multitalented!

  3. A distinct lack of girls…. is there a lot of testosterone floating around your office? Scarey …….. ! !

  4. Looks like it was a lot of fun, keep up the good work lads, all the best for the new year…………..