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We offer a range of website hosting products aimed at U.K. web site owners. Find the latest news on our web hosting and email products in this section.

Script Installation

Due to increasing demand we have deployed a free automated script installer for all users of hosting. We are looking to cover all the popular scripts (pending approval from their respective authors) such as galleries, blogs and forums. If there are any particular scripts you think should be added to the list please let us know and we will...

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Personal account changes

In accordance with our terms and conditions we are issuing a 30 day notice to all personal hosting customers that prices will increase on 18th March 2006. Prices will rise by �2.95 per year on all personal hosting accounts. As of this date all renewals will be issued at the following prices: £17.95 – Personal 50 hosting£27.95 – Personal 100...

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Slight email changes

On Friday the 23rd of December we will be mass updating a number of email accounts. Any account that has a non customised ‘bounce’ option set will automatically be updated to the ‘reject’ option. If you have a customised bounce message set, no changes will be made for the time being. Why are we doing this? With the bounce option...

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Plesk 7.5 upgrades

In the next few days all personal hosting users will receive an email detailing upgrades to their servers. The upgrades will be to Plesk 7.5 and will take place throughout December. The main points of this upgrade are: 1) Mailbox usernames As an early warning; in 2006 we will be switching to allow only full length mail name logins across...

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Mod Security

After extensive testing, mod security is now enabled on all shared hosting servers. Mod security works with the Apache web server to help against common web borne attacks. We believe the implementation should help to improve the performance and stability of the shared hosting platform. More details on this can be found at:

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