This week we experienced a fairly significant failure on one of our backup nodes. During server maintenance, a replacement of already failed disks sadly led to a corruption of a portion of the backup data.

Despite our best efforts we were unable to recover this backup data, and as a result, a number of our clients will have lost historical backups; website and email data prior to September 21st. Backups after September 21st are now being taken correctly once more.

If you want to check if you’ve been affected by this fault please drop a note to our support team so we can review if your backup data was one of the affected accounts. If you need to restore data prior to September 21st and have been affected by this fault you will need to refer to your own backups.

I touched on this topic a couple of years ago here and most recently here. The important of keeping your own backups is critical. Our Snapshot tool makes this really easy too, allowing the creation of non proprietary data backups that you can safely store off-line.