Back to the office buzz? Not us

4 September 2020


If you’ve glanced at the TV or newspaper, or turned on the radio of late, you’ve no doubt come across the newfound push to encourage workers back into the office. I felt it was worth a small update on our own C19 plans, as frankly the overnight urgency strikes me as a little odd. After all, returning to the office is surely down to employers and employees needs; and as far as we’re concerned, we’re happy with our remote working. The safety and happiness of our team are our top priority at

In the past couple of months, we’ve seen our productivity and performance soar under home working conditions; our support scores left by customers beat a decade long record, and our development team are delivering our new hosting platform (more on that later) at a pace far ahead of schedule. Who knew that being able to avoid tortuous commutes and answering emails in your pyjamas would be such a morale booster? Hint: most of us.

As I recently wrote, we’re in no rush to return to the office any time soon. Indeed we’ve told our entire team they can work from home for the rest of 2020 if they like. Our office remains open every day with plenty of hand sanitizers and socially distanced desks for those who want or need a change of scenery or working environment. Not everyone has a perfect setup in the home and we understand that.

And to be brutally honest, as we implement more and keener systems and processes to improve the robustness of our remote working setup, we’re looking more and more at an office-free future. Watch this space.



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